LG Spectrum for Verizon

The Korean smartphone company released 4G LTE cellphone named LG Spectrum for Verizon. Among many cool features, its fast network connectivity will enable users to watch movie and video entertainment on its large 4.5 inch touch display screen in no seconds. Running on google Android 2.3 O/S, users can access to thousands of apps through … [Read more…]

Nokia Lumia 610 Phone

Do you want a sleek design but coloful cell phone this year? Then Nokia Lumia 610 might be the one for you. It runs on MS Windows Phone 7.5 software, and there is a nice feature of combined group chatting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds, along with SMS messages in one conversation. It’s large … [Read more…]

LG Doubleplay for T-Mobile

LG Doubleplay was released for T-Mobile, offering users a unique design of slide-out keyboard with full QWERTY functions which will enable users type a message in no seconds. It also offers a cool chatting features named Group Text and people can talk to multiple others at the same time. If another person has different platform, … [Read more…]

LG Nitro HD Phone

If there is a smartphone offering true high definition screen, then this is the one. LG Nitro HD has featuring large 4.5 inch True HD touch screen, which has a crisp 720 x 1280 resolution with super performance.   Released for AT&T, users can access AT&T’s HSPA-plus and LET 4G networks that will enable them … [Read more…]

Samsung Exhibit 2

Samsung Exhibit 2 was released for T-Mobile, capable of handlng 4G technology which will be delivering lightening fast speed at 21 megabits per second.    Coming with Google’s Android 2.3, it has 1 Gig snapdragon process installed which will be super fast one out there on the market, and users can enjoy their entertainment with … [Read more…]